Wednesday, 4 March 2009

What it takes to be an eBay seller

eBay is one of the most popular shopping malls in the world. It's an in demand cyber shopping center maintained by millions of people around the globe who have access to the internet.

I am one of the many people addicted to eBay. I am an eBay shopper, but more importantly I am an eBay seller. I am actually more of a seller than a buyer. So here are some pointers to help those that want to make the crossover.

There are actually three fundamental steps towards being an eBay seller.

One, be a registered user by creating an eBay account. Just go to the eBay page and choose the blue register link. Then fill in your personal information. Opt for a username that does not make your personal information too obvious. Your password must be something you'll readily remember. Read the term of service and click the box if you agree. A confirmation email will be sent to you and you'll just have to activate it.

Two, create a payment account. A PayPal account is the easiest and most secure option for payments because of its layer of protection for sellers and buyers plus access to free auction tools for sellers. Credit card payment is also possible but a merchant account should be first set up.

Third, create an eBay seller's account. For first listings, verification of identity is required through the submission of a credit or debit card number prior to the offering of the item to eBay. A checking account number say also be submitted. Also chose a method for paying eBay selling fees. Options include: a one-time payment/fees automatically deducted from PayPal account; an automatic charge per month through a kept card file using credit card; direct pay offers an automatic deduction of fees from your checking account (available only in US dollars and US accounts) and finally, through checks but this is only available for business retailers.

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eBay Selling Tips For New eBay Sellers

There are a lot of people that are beginning their journeys of becoming eBay sellers. In the process of becoming new eBay sellers you want to make sure you follow this kind of advice so you don't make the same mistakes that newbies make.

The photo you attach in your auction makes or breaks the final value of how much your item will be sold. Take the time to do the photo nicely if you want your item to be a winner.

Language is essential-and when the internet is concerned, HTML is the medium. Use HTML to make your auction listing readable and user friendly. By doing so, bidders can understand what you are saying.

Unless you have a good reason not to, auction format listings should not begin at $1. The only way this should happen is if you are absolutely certain that it will generate bids.

Items with add-ons, accessories and those sold on retail should be specified in your listing. Similarly, don't include item accessories if they are not for sale.

Be specific and honest with the item's condition. Ratings such as "good condition", "brand new", or "a little worn" should be included. Also take in actual details like missing buttons, scratches, etc.

Shipping details are crucial. Include the shipping cost, the locations you are willing to ship to, carriers and insurance.

Always provide a clear guarantee or warranty or return/exchange policy. If your products are being sold AS-IS, make this clear in the first place-that there are no returns and no exchanges. If not, elaborate on their options. Furthermore, have a few adjustments to collecting payment so that you can encourage bidders. Accept payments from PayPal, check, money order and other legal methods.

Finally, always, always ship quickly and pack carefully. You may have sold the item, don't ruin it by poor packaging and delayed shipping. If buyers are satisfied with their buying experience, they will leave you good feedbacks and boost your sales as they buy from you again. Otherwise, dissatisfied buyers will never buy from you again. Or worse, they may complain to eBay and to the banks.

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Monday, 2 March 2009

Internet Marketing for Beginners

If this is your first attempt to make money online, the most important lesson you have to learn is what Internet marketing is all about. Internet marketing is similar to and different from "real-life" marketing in several ways.

Basic principles of marketing apply to both concepts although their application could differ. The 4P's for instance price, product, place, and promotion remain true and significant for both but the meaning behind "place" is quite different. In real-life marketing, place refers to the location of your business while in online marketing, "place" may be defined as to the kind of website you have for your business.

It's important to understand its similarities and dissimilarities to ensure that any strategy you devise will succeed.

Search engines are the ultimate authority.

No matter how you look at it, the final word will always come from search engines, especially big, powerful ones like Google and Yahoo. The amount of attention given to you by search engine spiders can make or break your website, regardless of how effective or affordable your products and services are.

As such, it's important to focus on SEO or search engine optimization when you are studying Internet marketing. You need to know what makes search engine spiders tick and what tickle their fancy.

Know how to get in touch.

The World Wide Web seems to only get bigger and bigger as each year passes by. As its size increases, so does the netizen population. Consequently, this means more competition. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself one important question: how can you make your business distinguishable from the rest.

One way of doing that is getting and staying in touch with your consumers. It should make no difference whether they're no longer a part of your market or they're only potential customers. What's important is that you have their email address or any other means of contacting them.

The Internet gives you several ways to connect with your market and you need to take advantage of each and every one of them. Just by using your email alone, you can have people subscribe to an e-newsletter or e-zine from your business. If it becomes popular, it can eventually be a secondary source of income when it becomes membership-based.

Consider publishing an ebook and have it distributed to your market. For maximum results, your first ebook must be free to download. It doesn't have to be exceptionally long, but it does need to share original and valuable content. The content of your ebook is the reason why people will download your work.

Your job starts when they begin at Page One. Links to and mentions of your website must be spread liberally throughout your work. You know you've done your job well when they use the link to access your website and perform the desired action.

Paid Advertising

Lastly, Internet marketing is not always free. There are also methods using paid advertising and in some ways, they prove to be more effective than free online marketing. Paid advertising include pay-per-click ads, banner advertisements, and text-based ads.

Paid advertising gives your online business greater exposure but it also comes with bigger risks of failure. It's important that you choose the right message if you want to make use of paid advertising.

Give these ideas a test run when you can. If they work then good! You now understand the basics of Internet marketing.

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Make Money Online Following These 2 Concepts

There are a multitude of ebooks and online courses that have been made on the subject of how to make money being online. There are 2 fundamental concepts that you should always follow if you want to earn an Internet income.

1. Always be very careful about any advice that you accept. There are many people online who like to call themselves experts in their field. These people will take money away from anyone who wants to part from it and give back very little or nothing in return.

This kind of thing unfortunately happens quite frequently. Many so called gurus make a few sales with their new Internet business and then, since they think they are experts, decide to get involved in the "how to make money being online market".

Don't get me wrong, this market is very credible for the individuals who know what they are talking about. Anyone who is new to Internet marketing, however, needs to be wary about where they get their advice and whether or not they are dealing with legitimate information sources.

If you want to check up on someone's credentials, it is best to go to the top Internet marketing forums and then post a question about them. One of the top forums for posting these types of queries is the Warrior Forum.

One place to acquire good online advice is through the various social networking sites. A good place to start with this would be Here, you can build up a friends list and then read their updates.

2. The second major concept that applies if you want to make money being online is that most of your online effort should be dedicated to marketing your business. Further to this concept, you will need to establish a blog and then try to post to it everyday.

Both readers and search engines love blogs. If you are worried about how to run your blog successfully, there are many online resources that can teach you this. ProBlogger is an excellent online resource for teaching you the ins and outs of is what is known as an authority site as there is a lot of excellent quality content available to you that you can use on your blog. By following the advice of other successful bloggers from this site, you can learn everything you need to know to be successful yourself.

With blogging, you can write about things that you enjoy and are knowledgeable about and you can make money in the process. Over the long term, it also allows you to create a lot of free traffic. In the end, if your blog is really good, you will attract a lot of traffic, so selling products as well as earning money in other ways will be easy.

In summary then, these are 2 concepts that you absolutely must follow if you want to make money being online. First of all, be very careful about where take your advice from and, second, set up a blog and start posting to it regularly. Once your blog is running, learn how to do it very well.

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Do you really want to achieve internet marketing success?

If you really want to achieve internet marketing success you will have to take action. Sure you may have doubts. You may be fearful of not achieving the results you desire, but nonetheless you have to take action. Reading all the information every day about internet marketing will not do anything for you until you act upon it. No one knows how well you are going to perform until you actually start to perform. More importantly you ought to care about what you do, if you really want to build relationships with people you have to care about them, which basically means you care as a whole.

Building relationships is the core element of any business be it off line or online. People generally speaking do business with people they like. You need to develop trust and credibility. The way to do this is to provide good content, content that helps your visitors get from A to B. When you provide good content you will also develop leverage enabling you to get more from the content you develop.

You will also need to diversify, to put it another way you do not want all your eggs in one basket. You do not want to rely on any one method. In terms of marketing figure out what you are good at and focus on it, this will in the end produce far better results.

To summarize, you need to care, you need to have a deep interest and you need to have the drive to succeed no matter what challenges you face. Beyond that never give up.

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Sunday, 1 March 2009

How to be an effective internet marketer

Being an effective Internet marketer really hinges on finding the right niche. Although many strategies are effective, if the product that is being promoted is not something people want, no sales will be generated. The key is finding the balance between what people want, the demand, and how much competition there is to provide it, the supply.

Basic economics says that there is an equilibrium point at which there is just the right amount of supply to meet the demand. In terms of Internet marketing, this is a good place to start. An example of this type of market would be the health products niche. There are always people who want to buy products to make them live longer, look younger, and feel better.

The type of niche to find, however, is one in which there is high demand and low supply. Often these markets can be found within the larger niches, so they are called micro niches. A good example of a micro niche from a couple years back was the acai berry products. This product falls under the health products niche, which as stated before is a steady market.

However, the acai berry micro niche really became hot after Oprah Winfrey endorsed an acai berry product on her show. This immediately created an immense demand, with relatively small supply. The problem with micro niches, though, is that they are temporary. Currently on Google, there are over a million and a half targeted searches for the acai berry. This is too many for someone that is just getting into that niche.

So where are these micro niches? Take the time to find what products are hot by researching search terms and keywords. Watch for what the next big thing is and jump in early. Doing so creates early products, but also establishes a foothold for that market.

Effective Internet marketing comes from effective market research. The work put in on the front end allows for greater, longer success down the road.

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