Sunday, 1 March 2009

How to be an effective internet marketer

Being an effective Internet marketer really hinges on finding the right niche. Although many strategies are effective, if the product that is being promoted is not something people want, no sales will be generated. The key is finding the balance between what people want, the demand, and how much competition there is to provide it, the supply.

Basic economics says that there is an equilibrium point at which there is just the right amount of supply to meet the demand. In terms of Internet marketing, this is a good place to start. An example of this type of market would be the health products niche. There are always people who want to buy products to make them live longer, look younger, and feel better.

The type of niche to find, however, is one in which there is high demand and low supply. Often these markets can be found within the larger niches, so they are called micro niches. A good example of a micro niche from a couple years back was the acai berry products. This product falls under the health products niche, which as stated before is a steady market.

However, the acai berry micro niche really became hot after Oprah Winfrey endorsed an acai berry product on her show. This immediately created an immense demand, with relatively small supply. The problem with micro niches, though, is that they are temporary. Currently on Google, there are over a million and a half targeted searches for the acai berry. This is too many for someone that is just getting into that niche.

So where are these micro niches? Take the time to find what products are hot by researching search terms and keywords. Watch for what the next big thing is and jump in early. Doing so creates early products, but also establishes a foothold for that market.

Effective Internet marketing comes from effective market research. The work put in on the front end allows for greater, longer success down the road.

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