Wednesday, 4 March 2009

eBay Selling Tips For New eBay Sellers

There are a lot of people that are beginning their journeys of becoming eBay sellers. In the process of becoming new eBay sellers you want to make sure you follow this kind of advice so you don't make the same mistakes that newbies make.

The photo you attach in your auction makes or breaks the final value of how much your item will be sold. Take the time to do the photo nicely if you want your item to be a winner.

Language is essential-and when the internet is concerned, HTML is the medium. Use HTML to make your auction listing readable and user friendly. By doing so, bidders can understand what you are saying.

Unless you have a good reason not to, auction format listings should not begin at $1. The only way this should happen is if you are absolutely certain that it will generate bids.

Items with add-ons, accessories and those sold on retail should be specified in your listing. Similarly, don't include item accessories if they are not for sale.

Be specific and honest with the item's condition. Ratings such as "good condition", "brand new", or "a little worn" should be included. Also take in actual details like missing buttons, scratches, etc.

Shipping details are crucial. Include the shipping cost, the locations you are willing to ship to, carriers and insurance.

Always provide a clear guarantee or warranty or return/exchange policy. If your products are being sold AS-IS, make this clear in the first place-that there are no returns and no exchanges. If not, elaborate on their options. Furthermore, have a few adjustments to collecting payment so that you can encourage bidders. Accept payments from PayPal, check, money order and other legal methods.

Finally, always, always ship quickly and pack carefully. You may have sold the item, don't ruin it by poor packaging and delayed shipping. If buyers are satisfied with their buying experience, they will leave you good feedbacks and boost your sales as they buy from you again. Otherwise, dissatisfied buyers will never buy from you again. Or worse, they may complain to eBay and to the banks.

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