Tuesday, 22 September 2009


The fact that there are growing numbers of affiliates online goes to prove that there are reliable and quality affiliate programs out there.

There are several factors to consider, and questions to ask, when choosing a good affiliate program though. To help you select a suitable product, you could do worse than considering the following factors:

Niche affiliate marketing is usually most successful form of affiliate marketing - it gains higher search engine ranking. A niche can be broad or narrow, from ‘making money online’ to ‘making money through forex trading’, for example.

It pays to do some research to determine that there is a demand for the product or niche you are thinking of promoting. Also, Checking in forums and discussion boards is a good idea, to be aware of things members are happy/not happy about with products.

Do you have an interest in the product? Would you purchase it yourself? Do you have knowledge about it? Would you refer it to your friends/family? If you have an interest in it, it is likely that others will also. It is also a good idea to have some knowledge about the product you are going to promote, and you need to think of your reputation when promoting a product, that is very important. Is the product high quality? Can you stand behind it?

Making sure that the product is solid/legitimate/reliable is very important. Who is the product owner? Having some expert/s in the field associated with the product is, of course, an excellent idea.

Does the product provide good value for people, and does it deliver on promises made in the sales pitch? Is there a money back guarantee? Customer service is so important in building and keeping your good reputation.

Is it a program with plenty of tools and resources to help grow business as quickly as possible, like links, banners and re-brandable content?

Is it a program that you lets you check your stats (statistics) and commissions, and are detailed stats available, anytime, any place? Constantly checking your stats is very important to see how many impressions, hits and sales you have generated, and to see what you are doing right and wrong. Does the affiliate program pay for hits and impressions? This is especially important if have to make a lot of commission before commission cheques are issued. When do they issue your commission cheques?

Looking at the stats of the product you wish to promote tells you what the hit/sale ratio (conversion) is, what percentage of products are sold by affiliates and what the commission paid is. You need to know how are referrals from affiliate sites tracked and how long they remain in the system, to make sure you get your commission paid for your hard work.

Does the product cater to a growing market so there is more and continuing demands for your referrals?

Does it cost anything to join the program, and are there minimum quotas you must fulfil before commission paid out? Is there a minimum of commission earned before cheques are issued? There are plenty of programs that are free to join out there.

And finally, is it a program that pays good commission (at least 30%)? Don’t waste your time and energy on low-paying programs!

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