Thursday, 1 October 2009

EIGHT Ways to Choose Products to Promote as an Affiliate

As all successful affiliates know, the most important part of the marketing process is sourcing products with high selling potential. Without products people actually want to buy, no amount of marketing will compensate the affiliate for time, money and effort expended in their business. These tips will help you choose quality products with high selling potential generating good commissions for you:
#1 Go for goods and services that interest you as a buyer or enthusiast. It’s a well-known fact that selling products and services for which you are an actual or potential customer yourself, benefits you as a seller, both increasing your own enthusiasm in the product as well as helping you pass that enthusiasm to others.
#2 Go for high commission items over items of similar quality with lower rewards. They say it is just as easy to sell a high priced item as something costing just a few pounds.
#3 Go for unusual or highly specialised items where you effectively become one of a handful of sellers worldwide.
#4 Choose niche markets over general markets. Niche markets are those where buyers and sellers share closely defined interests, such as entering consumer competitions, collecting antique teddy bears, buying business opportunity books, and so on. General markets, on the other hand, are those where potential buyers share numerous interests, say good food and drink, holidays abroad, selecting Christmas gifts for family and friends.
Niche markets, by their very nature, comprise people known to be one hundred per cent interested in most products and services related to their shared interest.
They can be reached easily and at little expense, via specialist magazines and newsgroups, emailing lists, and such, unlike a general interest audience with members dotted here, there, everywhere.
#5 Choose products with repeat commissions and back-end sales potential. So, acquiring a customer can mean selling to that person many times over the years.
#6 Check that products and services are legal and acceptable in all your target areas. For example, gambling and alcohol illegal in some countries, and advertising is subject to more stringent rules and regulations in some parts of the world, and so on. So advertising material which is entirely suited to say, the American market, might well be banned in another country, or vice versa.
#7 Choose generous commissions over token rewards, especially where products are also in high-demand.
#8 Look for products that can be combined and marketed on one site. Here you can attract a massive audience of potential buyers for several, usually related products.
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