Sunday, 1 November 2009

Four Amazing Ways to Generate Lifetime Commissions From Your Recommended ClickBank Products

So many people want to make money online, and so many people complain that finding products is difficult, promoting those products is harder still. In fact, for newbie and professional alike, there’s a very simple plan to follow to market virtually any product, even in highly competitive markets, for products that countless affiliates are already promoting.
I’m going to use ClickBank products as my example for this article, mainly because ClickBank is very picky about products allowed at their site, so you always know you are selling quality information and you’ll never be accused of marketing scams or unworkable products.
Once you have your product, the secret to making money is follow a definite marketing plan, to leave no stone unturned so to speak, and to promote your product in as many places as possible, on and off the Internet, using the easiest of all marketing techniques, all of them free!
The following marketing ideas can be applied to virtually any affiliate product, especially ClickBank’s enormous stable of quality items:
* Write an article about problems your chosen product seeks to resolve. So, say, for example, you are promoting a book about curing acne, your article might focus on causes of acne and recommend the book as a means of benefiting most sufferers. Upload your article to one or more top article directories, notably Ezine Articles and Go Articles.
* Build a Squidoo lens, add articles such as those you might add to article directories. At Squidoo you can include illustrations for your recommended product and you can also hyperlink your affiliate url direct to the product’s sales page.
* Mention the product in your outgoing emails, either as a direct comment in the body of the email or as a ‘P.S’ after your signature. You can format the P.S. as a Signature File inside your email account where it will be automatically added to all outgoing emails until you remove it or amend it to promote other ClickBank products later.
* Place small free classified ads. in offline newspapers, in categories read by your target audience. So, for example, your book about acne cures might be promoted under ‘Health and Beauty’ in some local or national publication and end by recommending readers visit your web site or blog for more information about the recommended book.
Individually those ideas might sell just ten or twenty copies of your recommended product, but each promotion takes literally minutes and costs nothing and really does represent the highest return for your investment of time and energy.

Avril Harper is a successful ClickBank vendor and affiliate and the author of A COMPLETE NEWBIES’ GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY WITH CLICKBANK which you can read about at


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